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Grab a friend and get cooking in this whimsical VR/PC co-op game!

With only La Tia’s old recipe book and some hints from her trusty pet grub Basurita to guide you,
work together to harness the magic of the land and heal people’s souls with your delicious empanadas.
Will your baking live up to the family name or will chaos reign supreme?

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{ The World of Salamender }

Step into a magical empanada shop tucked away in a sleepy Sonoran desert town where all your customers are desert critters!
The family shop has been passed down through the generations, and now it’s finally your turn to take on the mantle.
Can you handle the heat?

{ Designing The Style }

Salamender is a celebration of the vibrant Mexican culture that is so often underrepresented in games.
It took about 3 months to fully flesh out and define the unique and colorful style of the game, all the while
incorporating as many traditional Mexican elements as possible. From Mexico-native axolotls, to classic
talavera tiles, and even a little grub inspired by the worms found in mezcal bottles, Salamender was a
love letter to Mexico from the get-go in hopes of bringing more diversity to the VR gaming space.

Player 1 character sheet.

Player 2 character sheet.

Original, smaller shop design.

Architecture explorations & map.

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{ Release Details }

Salamender is currently in the demo stage, with the full game in development! The plan is to release it for Oculus and Vive via Steam.
Check back for a Kickstarter link soon, where you’ll be able to show your love and help make this game bigger and better!