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Izel Moctezuma

Technical Artist | Game Designer


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Lately I’ve been biking around Sarasota every day to clear my head and get myself moving, and the scenery and architecture here is really neat and inspiring! I’ve been thinking about finding areas in real life that could be used as possible “choke points” in a video game, so I hopped on my trusty bike and managed to sketch some pretty neat thumbnails.

Indoor choke points are fairly straightforward– an entry into a room, a staircase, a narrow hallway– so I was interested in collecting some outdoor examples. It ends up being any smallish opening in what is otherwise a blockade, like a gate in a wall or a path through thick underbrush. I suppose you could also get creative and use things like unpassable debris or steep hills to funnel people through a small area and create a choke point. All in all, a fun exercise in applying a game design lens to the real world.

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