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Print & Play: Playtest Results

Oct 4, 2016

I had the opportunity to have some people playtest the rough version of my Print and Play game over the past week, and while I didn’t get any pictures, here are some thoughts I came away with:

1. Clarify directions.
On the Hazard Cards specifically, some confusion came up because of the wording. The card is meant to be played against an opponent, “casting” its effects on the other player, but since they were worded in “you” form, some players mistakenly assumed when they picked it up that the effects were meant to apply to them. A simple restructure of wording will fix this.

2. Balancing character abilities.
Probably because of some of the Hazard Card confusion, the cards weren’t put into play as often as I expected, making the characters whose abilities were defense against Hazard Cards less useful than the character whose ability adds to your Hunt Roll. I plan on tweaking this to even it out.

3. Involving Hazard Cards more.
During my first playtest session, players almost entirely ignored the Hazard Card mechanic, so for the second session I made collecting Hazard Cards obligatory in the game mechanics (whenever you roll a 1, you must draw a Hazard Card.)

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