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Izel Moctezuma

Technical Artist | Game Designer


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For my racing level assignment I was interested in recreating the feeling of exploring the twists and turns of subterranean caverns like the beautiful Cave Without A Name found in my home state of Texas. I thought this would provide an interesting opportunity for both large and tight spaces, as well as effective visual guidance due to the flexibility of the environment, and perhaps a chance to make use of cave-ins, multiple levels, or secret caves to add interest to the level. Here are some of the inspiration images I looked at in designing this level:

Different parts of the level could transition between moods and therefore color palettes– here are the two main ones I’m looking to use, the left for most of the cave (enclosed areas with some manmade lighting) and the right for a cool, more naturally illuminated look of one special section:

Here’s a layout for the map, with cave-ins that prevent players from taking old routes marked with letters. The dead end marked with a checkerboard pattern is a cave-in where the floor falls out from underneath the players that allows cars to fall back to the starting point/finish line, marked in green.

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