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Izel Moctezuma

Technical Artist | Game Designer


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Here you’ll find a varied assortment of game reviews, analyses, tutorials, musings on design, project updates, and relevant observations on life.

Cryptid Catchers: Trailer

Here is the final trailer for my 90s-themed all-girl cryptid hunting board game, Cryptid Catchers! The Print-and-Play version is available for download here. Special thanks to Katie Aschman for playing Saga in the trailer and to Brianna Gibson for voice acting!

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Print & Play: Playtest Results

I had the opportunity to have some people playtest the rough version of my Print and Play game over the past week, and while I didn't get any pictures, here are some thoughts I came away with: 1. Clarify directions.On the Hazard Cards specifically, some confusion came...

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Print & Play: Concept

In preparation for creating my own Print and Play game, I've been giving a lot of thought to the overall "feel" of the game. I hope to delineate some of those thoughts here in order to have a reference I can look at to make sure every component of the game fits...

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Sketchbook: Choke Points

Lately I've been biking around Sarasota every day to clear my head and get myself moving, and the scenery and architecture here is really neat and inspiring! I've been thinking about finding areas in real life that could be used as possible "choke points" in a video...

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Print & Play: Ideation

Our Game Design class has an upcoming assignment in which we have to create our own Print and Play game! We're still in the brainstorming stages-- I've included some of my thoughts here. Instead of trying to invent individual, complete game ideas, I decided to come up...

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Witch Hunt: Deconstructed

A huge tropical storm hit Sarasota this week, which gave me the perfect opportunity to experience the Print and Play game Witch Hunt in our cozy dorm while the rain raged outside. In this post, I'll delve a bit deeper into this seemingly simple game to really get a...

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Print & Play Game Reviews

Over the weekend, I got together with my good friend Brie to play a couple of free Print and Play games and see what PNP games are all about! We tried to choose games that ranged in style and complexity in order to get a broader idea of what works and what doesn't...

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Ghost Canyon Concept Pitch

I devoted last weekend to creating this neat piece of concept art for a pitch I presented to my sophomore 3D class. The idea was for each person to detail out and collect references for an original environment. The class then voted on a single environment to create...

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