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Izel Moctezuma

Technical Artist | Game Designer


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Design Projects

In this section you’ll find links to projects where I’ve been involved in a Game Designer capacity, both professional and personal.

Thoughts, Observations, & Methodology

Check out some of my game design-related blog posts below.

GDC 2019: Innovative Controls

One interesting section of GDC I attended that broadened my horizons was the Alt.Control.GDC area at the entrance to the Indie side of the expo. It essentially featured games with alternative control methods beyond just a keyboard or gamepad. While many there would be...

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GDC 2019: Games with a Twist

Today I attended my second Experimental Games Workshop, which is a pretty open-ended showcase of any game that is considered “experimental.” All of the games featured were incredibly intriguing and got a lot of audience engagement, and in the interest of figuring out...

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GDC 2019: A Lesson in Game Demos

I had the honor of being selected to work the Ringling booth this year, demoing my VR thesis game Salamender. It was a valuable experience with several important takeaways, specifically about making an expo-floor game demo, which is arguably different than just making...

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Racing Level: Concept

For my racing level assignment I was interested in recreating the feeling of exploring the twists and turns of subterranean caverns like the beautiful Cave Without A Name found in my home state of Texas. I thought this would provide an interesting opportunity for both...

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Platformer: Playthrough

Here is the final gameplay video for my platformer project. Since this was an exercise in game design, the visuals won't be taken all the way to the polish phase, but I still think it looks pretty cute and plays pretty fun!

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Platformer: Level Design

Our next project for Game Design class is to create a platformer that begins with a tutorial sequence and then ramps up in difficulty. This is my first pass level design, featuring some notes on the side as to how the mechanics would work and a map of the proposed...

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Starbound Tutorial Level Analysis

Player onboarding is a crucial aspect of getting good buy-in and retention for a game. With that in mind, let's deconstruct Starbound's tutorial level, the layout of which is depicted above. In terms of level layout, one nice thing about platformers is that since they...

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Sketchbook: Choke Points

Lately I've been biking around Sarasota every day to clear my head and get myself moving, and the scenery and architecture here is really neat and inspiring! I've been thinking about finding areas in real life that could be used as possible "choke points" in a video...

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Print & Play: Ideation

Our Game Design class has an upcoming assignment in which we have to create our own Print and Play game! We're still in the brainstorming stages-- I've included some of my thoughts here. Instead of trying to invent individual, complete game ideas, I decided to come up...

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Witch Hunt: Deconstructed

A huge tropical storm hit Sarasota this week, which gave me the perfect opportunity to experience the Print and Play game Witch Hunt in our cozy dorm while the rain raged outside. In this post, I'll delve a bit deeper into this seemingly simple game to really get a...

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